About us



Kweku Clothing is the brand that specialises in bold Abstract Art on garments and accessories for the modern individual, with an alternative mindset from the consensus, and an Abstract perspective on life. The brand was founded by the Ghana born and London raised designer Kweku Quagraine.

Kweku's reason for starting the brand was a belief that he could offer an affordable yet cutting edge alternative to the mainstream Brands that were creating a sheep like mentality amongst consumers.

As a graduate of Social Policy from Goldsmiths University, Kweku did not take the conventional route most designers take into the industry. However, it was his time spent at Goldsmiths amongst his peers, where he developed his creative juices, his appreciation for Abstract Art and his eye for Fashion.

 Each garment produced is individually printed as well as the labels individually hand sewn.  Kweku Clothing does this to reiterate to customers that the Brand's products are not massed produced, adding additional assurance that each individual garment is quality checked.

From the humble beginnings of selling garments on a Market Stall in Greenwich Market, South East London. KC has gone on to obtain a dedicated and loyal following from all corners of the globe.